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Free learning videos and free projects to Learn programming languages like C,C++,Java, PHP ,  Android,  Kotlin,  and other computer subjects like Data Structure, DBMS, SQL. etc

PHP Projects Free Download With Source Code

Java Projects with Source Code

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Some Interesting Java Project Ideas:

In addition to the topics aforementioned, here are some interesting project ideas and topics for final year students who’re looking forward to doing their graduation project in Java. Some of these topics would suit simple java programs, games, and mini projects as well. Choose the topic based on the scope and nature of your project.

  • Address Book Management System
  • Affiliate Manager
  • Ajax Browser
  • Application Installer Software
  • Application Re-installer Software
  • ATM Simulator System
  • Automatic File Update
  • Bookmark Sync
  • Bus Ticket Reservation System
  • Calendar Icon Maker Application
  • CSS Color and Image Annotator
  • Cybercafe Mangement System
  • Data Encryption
  • Database Explorer
  • Directory and File Explorer
  • Domain Search Engine
  • E-Acquisition
  • E-Advertisement
  • E-Learning
  • Enterprise Scheme Planner
  • Face Identification
  • File and Folder Explorer
  • Font Detector/Finder
  • HTML Color Code Finder
  • HTML Spell Checker
  • Image Compressor Application
  • Image to Text Converter
  • Internet Credit Card System
  • Internet Usage Monitoring System
  • Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Network
  • Keyword Finder and Number Calculator
  • Language Emulator
  • Mac Ethernet Address
  • Malware Scanner
  • MP4 Video Converter
  • Online Auction
  • Online Magazine
  • Password Protector and Reminder
  • PDF Converter
  • Pharmacy Management System
  • Port Scanner
  • Process Analysis in Asynchronous System
  • Remote Desktop Administrator
  • Resource Planner and Organizer
  • Search Engine
  • Security System for DNS using Cryptography
  • SmartFTP Uploads
  • Synchronous Conferencing System
  • Text to HTML Converter
  • Unicode Font
  • Voice Chatting and Video Conferencing
  • Voice Compressor Software
  • Windows Fixer
  • XML Compactor

C/C++ Projects with Source Code

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C++ Projects:

  • Bank Management System
  • Calendar Application
  • Contact Management System
  • Cricket Score Sheet
  • Customer Billing System
  • Cyber Management System
  • Department Store Management System
  • Employee Record System
  • Hangman Game
  • Hospital Management System
  • Library Management System
  • Medical Store Management System
  • Modern Periodic Table
  • Pacman Game
  • Personal Diary Management System
  • Phonebook Application
  • Quiz Game
  • School Billing System
  • Snake Game
  • Student Record System
  • Telecom Billing System
  • Tic-Tac-Toe Game
  • Typing Tutor

C++ Projects:

  • Banking Record System
  • Bookshop Management System
  • Bus Reservation System
  • Hotel Management System
  • Payroll Management System
  • Phonebook Management System
  • Railway Reservation System
  • Sales Management System
  • Student Database Management System
  • Student Report Card System
  • Supermarket Billing System
  • Telephone Directory System

Some Advanced Projects in C and C++:

These are some projects with wider scope, utilizing the advanced aspects and graphics of C and C++ programming.

  • Snakes and Ladders Game in C
  • Bike Race Game (using SDL) in C++
  • Database Management System (using wxWidgets) in C++
  • Fortune Teller (Predict Future) in C++
  • Helicopter Game (using SDL) in C++
  • Search Engine in C++
  • Tank Game in C++
  • Traffic Control Management System in C++
  • University Management System in C++
  • 3D Bounce Ball Game in OpenGL

More C and C++ Projects

  • Copter Game (using Allegro) in C
  • Balloon Shooting Game in C++
  • Canteen Management System in C++
  • Casino Game in C++
  • Digital Clock in C++
  • Memory Game in C++
  • Music Store Management System in C++
  • School Fee Inquiry Management System in C++
  • Shuffle Game in C++
  • Snakes and Ladders Game in C++
  • Sudoku Game in C++
  • Telephone Billing System in C++
  • Travel Agency Management System in C++

Note: The C/C++ projects mentioned in this listing have not been checked and debugged for errors. So, it’s up to you to find and remove those errors (if present)!

C and C++ Mini Project Ideas:

If you’re going to build a mini-project of your own in C or C++ language, here are some nice project topics and ideas:

  • Airlines Reservation System
  • ATM Banking System
  • Cafeteria Order Management System
  • Car Insurance System
  • Car Rental System
  • Clothing Store Management System
  • College Management System
  • Gym Management System
  • Hostel Accommodation System
  • Human Resource Management System
  • Mess Management System
  • Movie Ticket Booking System
  • Pharmacy Management System
  • Student Attendance Management System
  • Supermarket Management System